Our Story

Let me first introduce myself: my name is Dr Alek Nikolic and I am an aesthetic medical practitioner with practices in Cape Town and in London. I am an appointed Allergan LCA in Facial Aesthetics and have lectured and presented live injection techniques both nationally and internationally.

One of the difficulties I faced with these two practices was having my patient notes available and on hand when specific information was required such as dosage. If I was in London and a Cape Town patient needed this info I could not give it to them and vice versa.

And so the journey of developing the Pocket Practice app began. We soon realised that for this app to be successful it needed to be faster than paper, in fact faster than any other similar or competitor app; otherwise why swap over from paper to paperless (besides helping to save the environment).

This was the main reason for the Template and Copy functions in the app. We all have patients who come back for the same treatment so the Copy function allows us to simply copy a previous treatment onto the current date and we have complete notes literally within seconds with updated batch numbers.

Not only did it have to be faster but it had to do other cool stuff that benefited injectors from all backgrounds and approaches. Those that are new to aesthetics will get an educational insight with the consensus recommendation injection points and anatomically correct fat volumising areas. Busy practices will be able to sync between front of staff and the doctor’s iPad so new patient details are updated and one can input treatment notes straight away. Other really cool stuff are the treatment reminders, marketing capabilities, and business analysis tools all aimed at saving you time to see more patients, make better business decisions helping you drive profit, and increase retention rates. These great features will be available in the next update.

Like I said Your Practice in Your Pocket

On a more serious note I love the app and what it can do. Try it out and let me know what you think. My dream is for everyone to use the app and rely on Pocket Practice to make their injecting lives easier, simpler, and maybe even bring in some fun.

I take Pocket Practice seriously so let me know your comments and what you would like to change as ultimately this app is for all of us. Help me make Pocket Practice the best it can be.

My personal email: alek@pocketpracticeapp.com